Britons to stage bedroom tax protest

Thousands of Britons are to take part in a “mass sleep out” to show their anger against the government’s changes to the country’s welfare system, including the controversial “bedroom tax”.

Simultaneous protests are expected to be held today on Saturday, August 24, in towns and cities across the UK, including London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, calling for the UK government to axe the under-occupancy charge.

The “bedroom tax”, which was introduced in April, refers to a cut in housing benefit for claimants whose home has a spare room.

“We expect at least 3,000 people to take part in the 60-plus events. We fear that the cuts will push people who cannot afford to move into the private rented sector towards homelessness,” said Rick Victory, of Cheltenham, one of the organizers of the demonstration.

Earlier in March, thousands of people took to the streets across more than 50 towns and cities in Britain to call on the Tory-led government to axe cuts in housing benefit for those with spare bedrooms.


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Republished from: Press TV