Britain’s big brother approach slammed

Terror experts say that a Å“big brother” approach will never solve terrorism in Britain.

Following the eighth anniversary of the July 7 bombings in London, terror experts are saying that a Å“big brother” approach will never be the answer to tackling extremism in Britain.

Security specialists told The Huffington Post UK that terrorism would never stop and only Å“better ideas” could put a stop to further incidents like the 7/7 London bombings.

The latest anniversary came as disputes soar over the extent of the British governmentâ„¢s controversial spying activities, which has been fuelled by the disclosure of US espionage via whistleblower and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile, Associate Fellow at the Chatham House think tank David Livingstone warned that people would lose faith if the UK government began to take away their liberties.

On 7 July 2005, multiple bombs exploded on the London tube (subway) and a double-decker bus, which killed at least 52 people and injured more than 770.

Around the attacks, conspiracy theorists accuse the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, the government, the police and British and Israeli Secret Services of murdering the innocent London commuters, to stir up Islamophobia and create public support for the so-called Å“war on terror” and the controversial invasion of Iraq.


Republished with permission from: Press TV