Britain begins ‘war of words’ on Syria

Britainâ„¢s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says his country was not seeking to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, although a Å“serious response” is being considered in the wake of the use of chemical weapons in the Arab Middle Eastern country, local media reported.

“What we’re considering is a serious response… What we’re not considering is regime change, trying to topple the Assad regime,” Clegg said.

His comments came after it was announced that members of parliament (MPs) are to be recalled from recess for a debate on possible action.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke of a specific military action against Syria, something that could not create another quagmire for multi-national troops.

Å“This is not about getting involved in a Middle Eastern war or changing our stance in Syria or going further into that conflict,” Cameron told reporters in his first public comments on the matter.

Å“It’s about chemical weapons. Their use is wrong and the world shouldn’t stand idly by”, he claimed.

Earlier on Tuesday, Cameron tweeted that the House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, has admitted to his request to recall parliament from its summer recess on Thursday.

“Speaker agrees my request to recall Parliament on Thurs. There’ll be a clear Govt motion & vote on UK response to chemical weapons attacks”, Cameron tweeted.

Now, MPs will be voting on whether Britain should go to another war in the Middle East in response to what they allege as use of chemical weapons by the government of Syria against its own people.

This comes as a British lawmaker had said earlier that he believes the Israeli regime was the main culprit behind killing hundreds of civilians in Syria, because it provided terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda with chemical weapons they used against civilians.

Å“If thereâ„¢s been any use of nerve gas, itâ„¢s the rebels that used it…If there has been use of chemical weapons, it was Al Qaeda who used the chemical weapons”, said Respect Party MP for Bradford West, George Galloway.

Å“Who gave Al Qaeda the chemical weapons? Hereâ„¢s my theory: Israel gave them the chemical weapons”, Galloway MP added.

Also, according to reports, tens of videos were uploaded before foreign-backed terrorists announced and accused the Syrian government of conducting chemical attacks on its own people. Those evidences show the terrorists massacred people, including women and children, then recorded and uploaded the scenes to deceive the worldâ„¢s public opinion, but they did so hurriedly and gave themselves up.


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Republished from: Press TV