Brexit : Tories unleash military leaders, Russian invasion, ISIS, threats from US and NATO in fear campaign

Tories laying down Brexit fears

Originally, Britain signed up to the European Economic Community or EEC via a referendum in 1975 for the purposes of enhancing trade, it was in essence a trade deal, or at least that was how it was sold to the British people. What the unsuspecting people of Britain were not aware of was that in reality the origins of the EU was devised by the USA back in the 1950’s that saw the continent more as an opportunity of a puppet run super-state filled with attendant yes-men for trade and the manipulation of strategic global markets and, just as importantly a defensive buffer zone against it’s new foe – the Reds from Russia. Think TTIP, Ukraine and an ever expanding NATO alliance.

See – Origins of the EU – USA Covert Operations to Assimilate Europe Into A Federal State

In recent years, the grandiose rhetoric of David Cameron’s speeches, acting more as a public relations ambassador to corporations than for his own citizens has dwindled in the face of more important issues to the people, namely immigration and a refugee crisis. And for all of Cameron’s bragging of a new deal the EU is not about to change universal treaties to accommodate Britain in some sort of two tier system. The EU’s imperial heart is not planted in democracy and it never will be.

Anything Cameron has negotiated are nothing but mere words, to be over-ridden at will by an authoritarian judiciary in Brussels at a later date when convenient.

Like the Scottish referendum, Cameron is resorting to a fear campaign out of desperation. It will include politicians, corporations, business leaders, celebrities and even the new menace threatening our democracy – the military.

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  • Mick McNulty

    Everybody panic! Everybody PANIC!

  • Arlene Lane

    this article is absolutely right, the EU to put it bluntly is an American donkey, and Cameron’s minister’s who are saying that they do not want to stay in the EU are only shamming, because the know that the referendum will be rigged just like the Scottish independence referendum was rigged, the EU is no different from NATO because it too is an American donkey, and unless people have gone to sleep they should remember that DENMARK and IRELAND were threatened and blackmailed into saying yes after already voting NO, a second vote was always going to be yes because it was rigged to do so, so the UK VOTE could also be a rigged yes vote.

  • geo1671

    history repeats itself. No joke!
    An obvious hidden agenda for stupid Europe nations by jUSA- Enjoy the pandering–EU/.NATO is a tool for America to be used as a platform for WWIII against Russia. This scam–America will be un- touched again like in WWI WWII, which were both instigated by America

  • hvaiallverden

    Intresting times.
    I love the layers of bollocs and bonker tales from the lunatics whom stil lives in the last century, and belives they stil rule the world, an pathetic pack of inbred drunkards and criminal rats leads the pack.
    The eCONomy is disintigrading, and their Kenyiasinism, the scam of scams, didnt help at all, but the blame for everything is of course because of the sick and the poor, and right now european lands slide into an Dickensian dark shithole of an world.
    The second is what I warned about for years ago, the layers of Austeretys and How this is been used, and the refugie issue isnt about helping people, we have yelle about that for decades and nobody bothered to listen, the undermining of our own societys, right and welfare, workers rights and pays have and is plunging, when Regianism is the new languae of the NeoFaudal cleptoCrauts new public mangment.

    The freaks. some right winged belived the rightwinged Gov. would alter anything, muhahaha, in Norway, the rightwinged ones is doing what they can to undermine Norway, in the same maners as Sweden is been pulverised.
    Now they and the EU is talking about subsedicing Corps to give them work, subsedicing their lack of income because of the insane inflation and more bonkers housing&rent prices, and so on.
    Whom pays for all this, and when the gov. on topp of it whines about half starved to death, and dirt poor billioners whom screams about Tax releases, and the bill is given to the pensioners and poor.

    You see, and nobody, talks about stopping all the wars, weirdly anouf even the sick Leftis dont say a word about wars, nothing for years.

    I wounder why do gruops as Soldiers of Odin even bother to talk to the MSM, nor even bother to explain it, to an gov. whom STILL suports wahhabist schools even in Pakistan, Norway, an country rottening from within, by the same scums that is destroying Europa.

    Nobody belives the MSM this days, I dont even bother to read them, an few seconds of stolling along the PCs perverted perseptions is anouf for my poor stomac, when the “soldiers of Ummah” is and have patrolled streets in parts of PC asylum Norway for years, but the Police and MSM is hanging the Norwegians out as Nazis, huh, while the same MSM suports Ukrainian NeoNais whom is openly advocating their presence, along with Jihadists, but the MSM dont write a word about That.
    SO thats why I know this is an agenda, runn entrily from the pirates on the Potomac, and using their minions in the EU to do the rest, once again, in the european main land we will have wars.

    Remeber this, other races, we are slow, to kind, wipped for long into an submissive state that is ruining our own way of life, our own lands, and finaly our own people.
    When the White race rises, we will wipe you out, that day is also coming, we will simply chase you to the end of the world, anyone standing in our way we will wipe out.
    Time to take a stand, be a slave of a free man.
    This time, show no mercy since no mercy have been shown or given.