BREAKING: Syrian Opposition and Western NGOs Hire Actors for Chemical Weapons Provocation

It’s not the first time we hear about the upcoming provocation in Syria. Following the joint US, British and French air strikes on Syria’s facilities in April, the locals wait in high anxiety and tension for new staged provocations, fake accusations of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and further attacks.

So far, we have only wondered where the White Helmets ‘activists’ could set up their movie studio. This scenario usually occurs in the areas where various militant groups suffer heavy losses. Currently, for terrorists, things go bad in Daraa and Idlib provinces. Fortunately, we do not witness new provocations there yet.

However, monitoring and reading numerous Middle Eastern mass media on Syria we came across an advertisement on recruiting volunteers for shooting a documentary film in Al-Hasakah province. This post was published in The Syrian Observer.

Screenshot of the ad on the Syrian Observer

It was something odd about this job offer. Why is the preference given to families, women and children, and why can the details be clarified only via WhatsApp? We Googled the ad and also found it on social media. It was published by Ahmed Fadli in various groups and communities.

                   Screenshot of the ad on Vacancies in Syrian NGOs on Facebook

Screenshot of the ad on Syrian Jobs in Damascus on Facebook

Then a certain ‘independent and international’ NGO published a vacancy on finding actors for shooting a documentary film on other resources, forums, and employment sites.

Screenshot of the ad on Wazeefe employee site

Screenshot of the ad on Evadeefa employee site


Moreover, someone published the same advertisement on opposition sites.

Screenshot of the ad on Shahedon

This Ahmed Fadli is allegedly connected with the NGOs that published the ads. We also supposed that this organization has some influence in northern Syria if it plans to shoot the film in Al-Hasakah. Humanitarian Dialogue or the International Crisis Group could be such organizations. They are not the only that could publish such kind of ad. Many other organizations similar to the White Helmets under the guise of humanitarian organization could conduct any provocation for the U.S. money in the region.

Initially, we failed to find any information neither on Fadli nor upon the organization. However, what kind of work is this where families, women, and children are required? The ad verification plan has ripped immediately.

We decided to find out what kind of job is offered in this ‘international organization.’ One of the employees of our editorial staff, under the pretext of seeking a job, contacted the NGO representative, introducing herself as Latifa, who has a family and several children. The information we got was terrifying.

Screenshot of the conversation on WhatsApp between Latifa and Ahmed Fadli


The screenshots of chats contain detailed information about the location of the shooting not far from the Assad refugee camp in Al-Hasakah province. This area is not controlled by the Syrian government, and the safety of the movie studio will be granted by the American military.

It’s not all we found out. First of all, we tried to identify what exactly does the U.S. nongovernmental organization intends to shoot in the Kurdish-held area.

First, the actors were warned to play the role of a happy family, and then to become the victims of a tragedy. Second, for creating a realistic image, the participants were proposed to simulate an overdose from pills and have make-up put on. Here can be only one conclusion: a new chemical weapons provocation is being prepared in Syria.

It worth noting, that a significant number of people reacted to this ad. Many social network users confirmed the preparation of provocation in Al-Hasakah. We contacted them, and they kindly provided us with the screenshots of their correspondence with Ahmed Fadli for the investigation. They also informed us about their difficult financial situation. Nowadays, Syrians, mainly refugees, are ready for any paid work. Sites for employment are quite popular among them.

Screenshot of the conversation on WhatsApp between Ahmed Fadli and a Syrian woman who provided us with the information for the investigation

While searching for work, many people stumble upon these proposals, contact the potential employer and make appropriate conclusions. In particular, many users ask their friends not to respond to the vacancy, as they suspect the other staging with the use of chemical weapons is being prepared in Syria.

Screenshot of comment in Syrian Perspective group on Facebook

Also, one of the potential ‘actors’ who at first wanted to participate in the shooting, expressed his opinion in Facebook that all members of his family could be killed as witnesses to the staging. “Why don’t they use chemicals for a more realistic picture, and then finish off surviving witnesses if they do not die from poisoning?” he wonders.

Screenshot of comment in an opposition group on Facebook

Thus, having conducted a thorough investigation, we came to a conclusion that in the nearest future a certain Western NGO intends to stage a chemical provocation. Such an information campaign in Western mainstream media could once again discredit Assad’s forces and accuse them of using chemical weapons. So, what’s left after this is to carry out a retribution air strike for the demoralization and destruction of the SAA units, quarrels the official government with the Kurds and firmly establish control over the most significant oil fields in Syria’s Deir Ezzor.