Brazilian police clash with teachers

Brazilian police have clashed with striking schoolteachers who had gathered in front of Rio de Janeiro™s City Hall to call for better pay.

The clashes erupted on Tuesday when police forces set off deafening percussion grenades and fired rubber bullets in the city™s busy downtown commercial district to disperse the teachers.

The striking instructors are opposed to Rio de Janeiro™s Mayor Eduardo Paes™ pay proposal, saying it does not meet their demands.

Talks between the city and the teachers™ unions have not been successful as the strike entered its 46th day on Tuesday.

On Monday, teachers™ rally in the city began peacefully but turned violent when police resorted to using tear gas and stun guns to disperse the crowd.

The advocates of the protesting teachers say there is a shortage of at least 300,000 primary school teachers in the country, leading to overcrowded classes and a weak learning environment.

Brazil has seen anti-government rallies since June, with protesters demanding more public spending on schools, public health, and transportation.

The protests were triggered after authorities announced plans to raise public transport prices by nearly 10 percent. The demonstrations spread after police used rubber bullets, stink bombs, and pepper spray against the protesters.

Rio™s police forces have come under fire for their brutal responses to the recent street protests. Although the head of the military police was replaced, allegations of police brutality against protesters have not ended.

In addition, Brazilians have been angered by the lavish costs of the two major sporting events of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, as the government has allocated over USD 26 billion of public money to the events.


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