Blackwater blames US govt. for atrocities

Blackwater founder “unapologetic” for atrocities, blames US govt.

The founder of America’s most notorious mercenary firm, Blackwater, Inc., says he is “unapologetic” for the company’s contentious record during the US war in Iraq and blames the government for the atrocities.

Erik Prince, whose company collected $2 billion in government contracts, is releasing a memoir, “Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror”, in an attempt to defend his work against a government he says made him a scapegoat in its wars.

In an interview on ABC “This Week,” Prince, a former Navy SEAL, discussed the company’s rapid rise and the controversial end to its operations in Iraq.

“The anti-war left went after the troops during an unpopular Vietnam War. This time they went after the contractors. Blackwater was a very easy whipping boy for them,” he said.

“If I sound unapologetic, I guess I am. Because the company did exactly what it was asked to do,” Prince said. “It did it well. Every diplomat, bureaucrat and member of Congress that visited Iraq came home alive under our guys’ care.”

Blackwater guards were infamous for applying aggressive tactics when defending American diplomats and visiting officials in Iraq.

They were involved in a series of deadly shooting incidents that infuriated Iraqi citizens and the government.

In September 2007, Blackwater guards killed 17 Iraqis in Baghdad’s Nisour Square, prompting the Iraqi government to expel the infamous security firm.

A number of Blackwater members now face manslaughter charges related to the shootings.

“If the amount of scrutiny paid to that event was paid to every other shooting of any U.S. forces or other contractor forces, it would tie up the Justice Department for the next decade,” Prince said.

The security company was involved in America’s assassination drone program. Former company officials said that a few dozen employees maintained drones armed with Hellfire missiles in Pakistan preparing them to launch attacks.

Blackwater mercenaries also trained “hit teams” for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for operations across the world.

After a series of federal investigations and critical congressional hearings, Prince sold Blackwater in 2010.


Source: Press TV