BBC slammed for wasting public money

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is wasting public money by paying millions of pounds on rent and other causes, while the money can be easily saved or used properly, local media reported.

Paying £6million a year to rent an empty building is the latest in a series of examples, which show the corporation poorly values licence fee payers. This comes as the BBC has relocated to its one billion pound headquarters in central London.

Its former headquarters in White City, West London had been sold last year to property developers Stanhope for £200million.

The BBC moved staff to the new Broadcasting House in Central London and MediaCity in Salford.

However, it is still spending £6million a year to pay for renting its former headquarters. Authorities claim they contain “vital technology” for broadcasting.

“This looks like another example of bad stewardship of public money by the BBC. This could end up landing the BBC with rental bills running into the millions for years into the future, representing increasingly poor value for licence fee payers”, said Rob Wilson, a Conservative MP.


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Republished from: Press TV