Government & media deceit also to blame for CIA torture

William Wraithwrite

Now that CIA torture and the closing of Gulag Gitmo are ‘again’ off the mainstream media’s radar, due to plenty U.S. instigated distractions such as heavy meddling in Ukraine’s internal politics or the politically manipulated debates about U.S. secGourity measures in Libya, we can explore deeper questions as to previous events and players who instigated U.S. aggression abroad in the first place. 

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, current chairman of supposedly our (the American peoples’) Senate Intelligence Committee, who is, for the most part, still a proponent for NSA spying on the entire world’s metadata, is far too fatuous like a fat-cat can be gullible (as many elected Congress-persons are in their overly ambitious while naïve perspectives–more so then many care to admit). Plainly many of our elected officials are close to idiots in not down right so (although Senator Feinstein does get credit for taking on the Orwellian War State with her “…we’re better than that…” (regarding releasing documents of CIA torture). 

Yet take the bantered factoid “metadata” (newspeak), for example, that any deductive logic would equate that metadata means little if the NSA does not equally have access to the actual contextual data itself–duh! Not, of course, a great deal of information can be gleaned from such indicators, but given the constancy of lies from the Beltway, it is little wonder the Director on National Intelligence, James Clapper, has barred any employee of U.S. Intelligence Agencies, from discussing any related matter to journalists? Why else would they have so much emphasis on huge super computers? 

Yet one precedent Clap did set was to define a journalist as “any person engaged in the collection, production or dissemination to the public of information in any form related to topics of national security”. This broad definition may be good news to Alternative News Sources, some who actually report more real news and less manufactured propaganda and consent. Meanwhile more Mainstream Media pundits are now attacking Edward Snowden (and get this some are Jewish intellectuals at the forefront on this because, truth be told, too much of American foreign policy is really very much Israeli foreign policy and so exposing American corruption is also exposing the Zionist exploitation of the American government and its tentacles). See Justin Raimondo’s recent piece “George Packer is Good at Fellatio: But he calls it journalism” as even Packer is doing journalism of some sort?). See: 

But herein already lies one major problem for the American public, that is besides the manufactured propaganda by the mainstream media and government, and that is the lies continue to get stretched beyond capacity as more leaked revelations continue to show old official statements as blatant falsehoods. And again we can go back to when torture was first revealed (not by the mainstream media but because of leaked photos of Abu Graib) and then many talking heads of main media (people who insist they are the real journalists) kept harping on the singular question of whether water-boarding was in fact torture (completely ignoring harsher forms of torture and concurrent murder). 

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