Australians urged to vote for Assange

British MP and founder of the Respect Party George Galloway has encouraged the Australian people to vote for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the countryâ„¢s coming Senate elections.

Galloway addressed the Australian people in Sydney, during a speech broadcast on Press TV.

Å“I want to remind you that in the Senate electionsâ„¢ forthcoming year in this state, you have the possibility of casting a vote, which will affect international politics at the highest level. If you elect Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, a senator for New South Wales, you will cause absolute chaos in the British and American governments, and wouldnâ„¢t that be a fine thing,” he said.

Galloway also stated that this is an Å“era of confrontation” where voters have the opportunity to be part of Å“striking back” by voting for Assange.

This comes after Galloway met with the WikiLeaks founder last Saturday at the Ecuadorean embassy in London to commemorate Assangeâ„¢s one year anniversary of being stranded there.

The British MP described Assangeâ„¢s Å“incarceration” as Å“unjust” in a Å“small room” in a small embassy building.

The WikiLeaks founder is still holed up in the Ecuadorean mission in London after he was granted asylum by Ecuador last year.

British officials have threatened to arrest Assange if he steps out of the embassy building, while the constant 24 hour police presence on standby for grabbing him is costing the UK taxpayer around £11,000 a day.

Assange and his supporters fear that his arrest and extradition to Sweden over alleged sex offenses there, is a plot to hand him over to the US where he could face harsh consequences for disclosing files about the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Republished with permission from: Press TV