Attacks claim 19 lives in Afghanistan

Afghan security personnel inspect the wreckage of vehicles at the site of a roadside bomb explosion in Jalalabad, August 4, 2013.

A series of militant attacks and bomb explosions have claimed nearly 20 lives in different regions of war-ravaged Afghanistan, security sources say.

In the first incident, Taliban militants attacked a camp belonging to a road construction company in Karakh district of Herat Province, killing ten people including nine workers and a policeman.

Separately, five Afghans died when their minibus struck a roadside bomb in Helmand Province

Meanwhile, in Farah Province an assailant blew up his explosives inside a private health clinic in Bala Baluk district leaving four people dead.

No group has claimed responsibility for the last two incidents so far but the Taliban are usually held responsible for such attacks.

The developments come as a recent United Nations report says there has been a sharp increase in civilian casualties in Afghanistan in the first half of the current year. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said civilian deaths were up 23 percent in those six months compared to same period a year ago.

In addition to that, the US-led foreign forces have killed thousands of people, including many civilians, in airstrikes and night raids since they invaded the country in 2001.

Washington claims it targets Taliban militants, but civilians are often the victims of such attacks.

The war-weary Afghan civilians are the main victims of the conflict which began after the 2001 US-led invasion.

Over a decade of the costly US-led war in Afghanistan has failed to end militancy in the country and the US, which has thousands of troops on the ground in Afghanistan, is now trying to sit down for talks with Taliban militants.


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Republished from: Press TV