As We Predicted: A Globalist Totalitarian Pig Calls For the ARREST of JOURNALIST Glenn Greenwald

SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Nevermind that operatives within the U.S. government, authorized at the highest level, have been snooping on Americans’ phone calls, emails and personal lives in direct violation of the fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That’s NOT the issue. The issue, according to our lawmakers and many within the intelligence community, is that we the people found out about it. The only people that need to be prosecuted here for their transgressions are the individuals who leaked the damning info — former NSA analyst Edward Snowden and the journalist who broke the story, UK Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald. If it were up to the state, these men would be hanged in a public square for treason… and those who broke the fundamental laws of our nation would be promoted and given medals for their actions. This is the America is which we now live.

Well, it took less than 72 hours for our latest video Urgent Message From The Totalitarian State: Arrest Journalist Glenn Greenwald to move from the edges of satire to full blown tyrannical reality.

In the video we stated specifically “we are calling for the immediate arrest of Journalist Glenn Greenwald. The recent actions of Mr. Greenwald, a reporter for the Guardian, cannot be allowed to stand in a Totalitarian state.

Knowing that our once great Republic is now more interested in silencing whistleblowers and preventing further “leaks” than it is in honoring the Constitution and the rule of law, we figured it would be just a short leap to the Orwellian proposition of arresting journalist Glenn Greenwald in order to guard the Totalitarian state from that pesky Fourth Estate.

Well, it has happened. Totalitarian pig Peter King, who previously called for the arrest of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, today jumped the shark. In an interview with Fox News the New York Congressman proclaimed that “No right is absolute” as he demanded the arrest of The Guardian investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald whose apparent “crime” was giving Snowden the international platform from which to blow his whistle.

If it wasn’t clear before, let it be clear now, the Republic has been overrun by corrupt, totalitarian pigs.

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Date: June 13th, 2013

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