Arafat poisoned to death: Journal

A report by one of the world™s leading medical journals has supported earlier findings that Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, was poisoned to death nearly a decade ago.

According to British journal the Lancet, Arafat was poisoned with the radioactive element polonium 210.

The journal published a peer review of last year™s research by Swiss scientists, who have been researching the suspicious circumstances surrounding Arafat™s death.

The earlier work œfound high levels of the highly radioactive element in blood, urine, and saliva stains” on Arafat™s œclothes and toothbrush,” according to a report on Al Jazeera.

In July 2012, experts at Lausanne University, Switzerland, said they had evidence Arafat might have been poisoned with polonium.

The investigation into Arafat™s mysterious death led to the exhumation of his body in November 2012 for further testing.

The decision to exhume Arafat™s body was made after French prosecutors opened a murder probe into his death in August 2012 following the discovery of high levels of polonium on his personal belongings.

Arafat died in 2004 at the age of 75 in a Paris military hospital.

The analysis at the time was that he had a rare blood disorder.


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