Apollo 10, story is changed, astronaut Cernan tells a different story as the NASA footage shows?

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Oct. 7, 2013

In 1969 the Apollo 10 did a landing test, and something went wrong. What is strange to us is that today there are two different versions about what happened. During the Discovery channel series “Rockets Science” Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan told that the assent module tumbled and that he saw the lunar horizon come by 8 times in about 15 seconds.

AwE130 has stored an old reel film of that event, in those days the story was completely different. According the old 8mm reel the assent module made a 180 degree flip and back in 8 seconds, we have the exact NASA footage of what happened.

The discovery channel used an animation video. Cernan could had never seen the horizon 8 times passing by his window according the footage we have. When you watch the Discovery Channel story with Cernan you will notice that they used an animation.

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