Americans don’t want govt. ‘handouts’

As 1.3 million Americans lose jobless benefits, an Occupy activist says the American people should stop taking Å“government handouts” so that they can take a firm stance against what the government does.

Å“One hundred and one million people are on food stamps. Forty seven percent of Americans are receiving some sort of benefit from the welfare state,” Susanne Posel, senior editor of, told Press TV in a phone interview on Wednesday.

Å“As long as we are in a position where we are taking handouts from the government, then we are subject to whatever the government does,” she added.

On Saturday, 1.3 million Americans lost their unemployment benefits after Congress failed to extend an emergency federal program under which jobless American workers received unemployment insurance payments.

Americans should tell their government Å“enough is enough,” Posel said. Å“We donâ„¢t want your handouts. We can grow our own food. We donâ„¢t need your chemical GMO poisoning us. We can take care of ourselves with homeopathic medicines; we donâ„¢t need your medical cartels. We donâ„¢t need your hand-outs, government. We can take care of ourselves.”

Before December 28, 38 percent of unemployed Americans received unemployment insurance through their state or federal government. But now, as the program has expired, only a quarter of jobless Americans will receive the benefits, the lowest rate in over half a century.

However, Posel says if Americans refuse to take handouts from the US government, Å“all of this fear mongering about benefits being lost and government taking things away will no longer matter because the government canâ„¢t take away from you what you donâ„¢t give them to take away from you.”


Source: Press TV