Alternative press crippling West: Alex Jones

August 31, 2013

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alex Jones, investigative journalist in Texas, about whistleblowers, alternative press and how Britain threatened to take legal action against The New York Times if they would not destroy data leaks provided to them by a whistleblower.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: First of all, do you think The New York Times will listen and obey the British?

Jones: They certainly may destroy the material, not so much from the British pressure, but from the elements of the US government that also want to have those documents destroyed, not because it compromises anti-terrorism operations — most of the al-Qaeda and extremist forces are run by criminal elements within our government as a pretext to take liberties.

But they may destroy it because again US government pressure is brought to bear on them and it shows that all this illegal spying is going on; and it’s targeting the average American in DEA drug investigations and in investigations of people not paying taxes. That’s what the NSA is really doing, spying on the Associated Press; spying on the media.

It came out months ago that Congress had their cloakroom wire tapped by the Justice Department, but that never really gets picked up in the press, it’s in the back of the paper.

So, that’s why it’s embarrassing, because Snowden is exposing the facts with these documents that they are illegally spying on the entire general public, not targeting people know that are already being investigated for crimes.

They’re not even using warrants. In fact it came out in Reuters that they only go back later and get warrants if they want to go ahead with a criminal prosecution with the illegally obtained data that the NSA scoops up.

Press TV: How much do you think the recent leaks by Edward Snowden will change the way the media will be controlled or restricted in the future in terms of documents being leaked?

Jones: Well, they are trying to persecute the press and whistleblowers. Whistleblowers in this country have always been protected if they are reporting on criminal activity… and their superiors claim it’s national security — that doesn’t work. We’ve always held up whistleblowers, like Daniel Ellsberg with the Pentagon Papers.

But there is a big move to crack down on the free and independent press that’s so diverse, like and like the Drudge Report and other sites that are out there.

The Pentagon has come out recently and said they don’t like these sites being out there because it exposes the fraudulent narrative that the Pentagon is ordered to put out. The Pentagon doesn’t like lying to the American people — they said that on record — they are ordered to do so by the Executive Branch.

And with an alternative media, it’s able to poll those lies so that the public goes from supporting the Iraq war at 72 percent in Gallup polls to now only supporting a strike on Syria at 9 percent. So you’ve really seen a mass awakening.

And zbigniew brzezinski, the architect of the divide and conquer Syria program and Obama’s advisor said two days ago, the alternative press in the West — not so much in the US, but in Europe as well as worldwide — has crippled their ability to carry out their operations. So, we are having an effect.


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