Alec Baldwin Tweets: Military Gunning for Obama

Kurt Nimmo
June 28, 2013

The ever irascible actor Alec Baldwin recently sent out a tweet musing on the prospect of a military coup d’état aimed at the Obama administration.

Baldwin is a longtime Democrat liberal who has toyed with the idea of ruling New York City. He believes Obama’s ratings plunge is due to racist white people and not his dismal performance as a window dressed mannequin for the ruling elite.

“If we were in another country,” the actor said in 1998, “we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families, for what they’re doing to this country,” a reference to the impeachment of president Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Earlier this year, Democrats and other Obama worshippers feared the anointed teleprompter reader would be cast from office after he fired several military bosses, including top brass honcho General Mattis.

Or maybe Baldwin is reading the posts of the shadowy anonymous disinfo operative-blogger Sorcha Faal who last November supposedly quoted the Russian military’s main intelligence directorate as saying Obama removed the Navy’s Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette for allegedly refusing to stand down after trusty al-Qaeda operatives attacked the consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

However, according to the official story, Gaouette was part of a large number of senior military officers who were “investigated or fired for poor judgment, malfeasance, sexual improprieties or sexual violence,” the New York Times reported.

Mr. Baldwin may want to limit his public activity to attacking and verbally abusing reporters and the paparazzi. For somebody who has a hankering to lord over New York as Nanny Bloomberg’s successor, paranoid fantasies conjuring up reactionary militarists taking out Obama are anything but helpful.



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