AIPAC becoming less effective on US foreign policy: Ex-US senator

The United States will ultimately uphold the nuclear accord with Iran despite intense opposition from Israel and its supporters in Washington, a former US senator and presidential candidate says.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other pro-Israel lobbying groups in the US, who have spent millions of dollars to scuttle the agreement, are losing their influence in Washington, said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic US senator from Alaska.

“The majority of the American public is for this deal and that AIPAC has spent so much money to try and reverse that, I think is proving that AIPAC is becoming less effective on American policy,” Gravel told Press TV in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“I’m very optimistic that the United States will go ahead and sustain this agreement,” he added.

A new survey has found that a majority of Americans want US lawmakers in Congress to approve the nuclear agreement with Iran.
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