After We Stop the Machine, How Do We Create a New World?

July 26, 2013

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A simplified explanation of the strategy to transform our society from a greedy plutocracy to a cooperative democracy, from our destructive path to a sustainable future, is that there are two simultaneous tracks: protest what we do not like and build what we want. We call this “Stop the Machine, Create a New World.”

This weekly report usually focuses on the protest part of the resistance movement, but this week we will focus more on the people who are working to create the world we want to see. It is not that there are no protest actions to report on. There continues to be a lot going on. Some examples from the last week among many that you will find at, include:

– Updates on Edward Snowden including his attempt to leave the Moscow airport, which may have been blocked by Secretary of State John Kerry. Also, how Snowden is driving the US security state insane and was recognized as an “American who tells the truth.” Related, we highlighted a propagandistic attack on Glenn Greenwald on a progressive website.

NSA spying updates including how Obama and Democrats teamed with Republicans to block efforts to stop NSA dragnet searches of Americans, as well as citywide surveillance in Oakland which may become a national model. Also a victory in New Jersey where the Supreme Court now requires warrants to track people using their cell phones.

– A successful challenge to TSA searches at airports by a young man who stripped down to his underwear and wrote the Fourth Amendment on his chest.

– Updates on Bradley Manning, who won a peace prize this week, as closing arguments began on Thursday after an unusual re-opening of the prosecutor’s case. International protests are planned for the 27th and a protest in DC on the 26th. On Thursday, a full-page ad ran in the New York Times saying “ We are all Bradley Manning.”

Trayvon Martin updates which include nationwide rallies and a “ walk for dignity”, a long-term occupation of Gov. Rick Scott’s office where protesters met with the governor about the Stand Your Ground law and Cornel West’s response to Barack Obama as well as related protests against police and urban violence.

– The escalation of environmental protests include Earth First!’s call to block supply lines for radical energy sources from tar sands, hydrofracking and mountaintop removal, and reports on plans to party along the entire KXL pipeline route, FBI surveillance of enviro-activists in Seattle, and a hydrofracking victory in Pennsylvania.

– Ongoing efforts to close Guantanamo include protests at the first hearing in four years in which the Obama administration refused to participate; solidarity hunger strikers calling for people to come to DC on July 30th; and a potential victory with parole-like hearings finally beginning at Guantanamo.

– Actions by low-wage workers including domestic workers, Google security guards, Walmart workers, baseball concession workers and truckers.

– Immigration protests including immigrants facing deportation who went back to Mexico then returned to the US as a protest, and ” education, not deportation” rallies.

It was a busy week. The under-reported revolts against the corrupt economy and dysfunctional government continue and grow.

Building the World We Want

An important component of resistance is building systems based upon our desired values and principles to replace the current dysfunctional systems. This is a powerful and positive way for communities to work together to solve local problems and meet their basic needs. People around the world are engaged in this constructive resistance. We will share some of the most recent efforts to build the world we want.

Republished from: AlterNet