Afghanistan slams fatal US airstrike

Afghanistan has strongly condemned a recent fatal airstrike by the US forces in the war-torn country.

The Afghan presidential office said in a statement issued on Sunday, œPresident Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the NATO air strike in which he says five civilians, including three students aged 10, 14 and 16, were killed in eastern Nangarhar Province on Friday (October 4) night.”

The airstrike was carried out near the city of Jalalabad.

The statement added that the three schoolboys were brothers.

Afghan lawmakers have also reacted to the attack. They demand explanation from the US military over the deadly attack.

On Sunday, the lawmakers called on the Afghan government to take serious action against the US airstrikes.

On October 5, a similar airstrike was conducted in the province of Maidan Wardak. Five people died and three others were wounded in the incident.

The US airstrikes have long been a source of friction between Kabul and Washington.

President Karzai has repeatedly questioned the legality of the attacks. He has on numerous occasions called on the United States to stop the nighttime strikes.

Washington claims the attacks only target members of the Taliban militant group. However, reports on the ground show that many of the victims have been Afghan civilians.

According to the United Nations, the US-operated drone strikes pose a growing challenge to the international rule of law.


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