5 Reasons Car Dealers Should Tweet


Customers are sometimes indifferent to being treated like a number, but more often, they enjoy feeling like a valued participant in the brand’s success. By engaging the public actively on Twitter, car makers can leave a positive, lasting impression on people, which can even extend to their next car purchases. Here are 5 tips to implement successful Twitter usage:

  1. Build the brand. Commit to a single, solid message, and only change it over time, so that people are never confused.
  2. Interact with customer feedback, instantly. Leaving messages pending means forgetting them when other things come up. Big, successful brands like Toyota would never leave a customer in limbo, hoping for a response. An unanswered query is a missed opportunity.
  3. Get car dealers onto Twitter. Link them with the main account, and set them free to do their own sub-market research. What’s working in general may need tweaking for Chicago, but they”ll only find out what’s wrong if they have a forum to interact honestly with customers. Also, by getting specific dealer names onto Twitter, car manufacturers feel more friendly, and less like a corporation.
  4. Implement Twitter for any event or special. This is the most straightforward usage of Twitter as a social media tool, but is often neglected. Fan followers are interested in your brand, and would likely re-tweet interesting news, so provide those opportunities to fans.
  5. Smart car brands like Toyota take Twitter even farther, offering a TweetMeme channel, as well as providing live Q&A for fans. Getting to interact with the COO of Toyota live is a value that most Twitter users would click “follow” to get.

Whether your company has limited resources or deep pockets, no one can afford to ignore Twitter. The few man hours an account can consume (in responses, planning, and posting), are well worth it. Engage your public openly, and you may find that their insights fuel the future of the brand.