­Avatar director Cameron sued over film screenplay… again

James Cameron (Reuters/Fernando Donasci)

James Cameron (Reuters/Fernando Donasci)

A US Court has ruled Avatar director James Cameron has to hand over drafts of the screenplay in another legal dispute over the origins of the story.

American Eric Ryder filed a lawsuit over the screenplay to the 2009 hit blockbuster in December 2011. He is seeking unspecified compensation from the director and his production company claiming a story titled “K.R.Z. 2068” he spent years working on is the basis for the hit film.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alan Rosenfield has ordered Cameron to hand over drafts of the screenplay for Avatar to lawyers for Ryder. “We have to be careful and sensitive about ideas and information,” the judge said.

Another American opened a lawsuit against Cameron on Monday. According to the Hollywood Reporter Elijah Schkeiban also claims his sci-fi novel “Bats & Butterflies” written in the late ’80s has been reworked into the Avatar screenplay.

Just weeks after Ryder’s lawsuit, another writer, Bryant Moore filed a suit seeking $1.5 billion in actual damages and another $1 billion in punitive damages from Cameron’s production company and 20th Century Fox, the studio behind “Avatar.”

Cameron has often spoken about Avatar saying he came up with the idea for “Avatar” movie in the early ’90s, but had to wait for years for the special-effects technology to catch up with his ambitious ideas.