Loose Change Final Cut – The Evidence

Tim Sparke

The Evidence That What Really Happened At 9/11 Has Been Covered Up: As Shown In Loose Change Final Cut.

The evidence collated in the film, when viewed in its totality now proves beyond reasonable doubt that the official story of 9/11 cannot be true. The film includes the allegations that:

1) At least 6 of the alleged named 9/11 hijackers match the names of 6 Arabs who were trained at US military bases. We have obtained letters under the US Freedom of Information act showing this. In addition, two of the alleged named hi-jackers shared a home with an FBI informant.

2) That US agents had been tailing the hi-jackers prior to 9/11 and made three attempts to inform the FBI – each time the meetings were cancelled. The US government denies any foreknowledge of the identities of the hi-jackers. The film proves that the Able Danger investigation did collate significant information regarding the activities of the alleged hijackers in the months prior to 9/11 — that much of this material was destroyed, but some of it still exists.

3) That the man who according to the FBI and the Wall Street Journal funded 9/11, and sent Mohammad Atta $100,000, was none other than the head of the Pakistan Secret Service. He was meeting with key US government officials on the morning of 9/11. He ‘retired’ one month after his meetings.

4) That Dick Cheney was warned that a plane was going to hit the Pentagon. That officials requested permission to shoot it down and he refused to give that permission, effectively condemning 120 US patriots to be killed. This is backed up by testimony we have obtained by Norman Mineta, US transportation secretary at the time of 9/11. This video evidence was presented to the 9/11 commission but was conveniently ‘lost’. We have obtained his testimony as reported to the 9/11 commission, and we have separately interviewed Mr Mineta who re-confirms his version of events.

5) That the part of the building which was hit at the Pentagon was, according to Donald Rumsfeld investigating a missing a possible 2 trillion dollars….we have film of Rumsfeld confirming the investigation into the possible missing 2 trillion, shot the day before 9/11 on 10th September 2001.

6) Expert testimony confirming that building 7, the third building which imploded on the afternoon of 9/11, could only have been brought down by controlled demolition – there is no other plausible explanation.

7) Expert testimony from Mechanical Engineer Gordon Ross confirming: ‘The official story of how the twin towers collapsed defeats two laws of physics’. His peer reviewed paper has not been refuted by any official US government agencies.

The film also show’s utterly damming evidence regarding how the Bush Administration forced the EPA to change the air quality warnings about the safety of breathing in toxic fumes from the dust that covered Manhattan in the days after 9/11 condemning thousands to a slow death.

This is just some of the remarkable evidence set out in the film.
The film has been fact checked for accuracy by Dr David Ray Griffin and we can source every claim made.