Loose Change Final Cut — UK Preview

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

Saturday, 3rd November, 2007, saw the British preview screening of the much anticipated 9/11 truth blockbuster, ‘Loose Change Final Cut’.

Before the screening began, Tim Sparke, executive producer of Loose Change 3, gave us a brief thank you and intro, he welcomed us by saying: “By the end of this, you’re going to be knackered!”.

And he wasn’t wrong. Mr Sparke also stayed around afterwards to answer questions.

He clearly stated that all sources in the film were taken from mainstream media, which makes it all the more unbelievable that the propitiators are able to get away with such a crime. When asked how much the film cost to produce, he said “close to $1 million dollars”, but added “we could have made it more cinematic”.

Mr Sparke also said: “Obviously we would like to cover our costs but we plan to donate some of the profit to those suffering with health problems as a result of working at Ground Zero”. A noble gesture indeed.

David Ray Griffin had his part to play in the latest and possibly last offering from the Loose Change team. Professor Griffin ‘fact checked’ the film. It also appears that David Ray Griffin is being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

However, Charlie Sheen, as reported earlier this year, did not provide narration.

A pleasant surprise was the amount of new footage contained in the film; they have created an entirely new production from the ground up and resisted the temptation to regurgitate clips from Loose Change 1 and 2.

Staying solely in reality and using only credible information, ‘Loose Change Final Cut’ does not speculate or make wild accusations. It’s a very balanced and fair look at the horrific events of September 11th 2001. It does not attempt to answer all the questions and does not provide some of the more obvious testimonies which would have been expected, but it leaves plenty of room for people to do their own research and uncover many facts not presented in the film. It is not a guide to 9/11 truth and does not claim to be.

What it does provide is a highly engaging 2 hours that works for both 9/11 truth novices and the more experienced who have studied the evidence for years.

Lasting around 2 hours and 20 minutes, ‘Loose Change Final Cut’ opens with scenes of 9/11 truth protesters in New York City and features many mainstream news clips of Jeremy Paxman and the like.

Next we are informed of the truth about Bin Laden, his family connections to the Bush family, how he has never claimed responsibility for the attacks, how he was in fact reported dead before 9/11 and the propaganda war waged against him.

Then the hijackers are called into question, how their passports and IDs survived the wreckage when little else did.

The ISI, Able Danger, Cynthia McKinney, the intelligence failures, war games, drills etc all feature in the first half of this marathon truth production.

The information in this film is comprehensive. It would be impossible for me to go through point by point each part of the film without creating pages and pages worth of text.

Obviously the Pentagon attack is called into question, the lack of video evidence and eyewitness statements are touched upon. How Flight 77 was unusually only 30% full and most of the passengers were government employees. We also see some of the flight recorder data which proves without a doubt, there has been a cover up.

Next we look at the Twin Towers, the structure which was designed to withstand multiple plane crashes, the eyewitness who saw and heard explosions, steal projectiles embedded into surrounding buildings — only made possible with a great amount of force. We see the fires of WTC 7 and the “will full ignorance” of NIST.

We see the aftermath of 9/11, the health affected by those working on Ground Zero and how the White House censored and changed EPA warnings, resulting in more needless deaths.

Then Shanksville is the focus, the lack of debris and the possibility of a shoot down.

Next we go back to WTC 7 and the BBC’s claim that it fell 20 minutes before it did. Then the film begins to round things up with a look at the 9/11 Commission, who was involved in compiling the report, their wider roles and their interest in and profiteering from an attack on America such as 9/11.

Lastly the national debt is covered and how it has dramatically increased for no apparent reason.

A rapturous applause filled the room as the closing credits rolled. I took the time to speak to some of the audience afterwards, Joseph Skelton, one of the UK’s most active campaigners and webmaster of cremationofcare.com has this to say:

“It was good that the film does not cover ‘old ground’ such as the Larry Silverstein ‘Pull it’ comments and the testimony of William Rodriguez. Anyone new to the subject will inevitably find these important pieces of the 9/11 literature in other great films that are out there. The Final Edition film sticks mainly to the factors such as Able Danger, the backgrounds to the 9/11 Commission Report, the wide debris field left at the crash site of Flight 93 and so on.

“It was also good to see the coverage of the EPA’s lies to the rescue workers when they told them that the air was safe to breathe after the three WTC collapses. This is an issue often sidelined in other films. Loose Change Final Edition includes an interview with John Feal of the Feal Good Foundation (fealgoodfoundation.com) and many other citizens, victims of 9/11 who were betrayed by their government.”

In all, would I recommend you to see this film? Without a doubt.

Does it answer all our questions? Absolutely not, but it’s not designed to.

A lot of 9/11 truth films either speak to those who are questioning the official version for the first time, or to those who have long been studying the evidence. ‘Loose Change Final Cut’ strikes a rare balance between the two and provides a highly informative film no matter what your experience level is.

‘Loose Change Final Cut’ is 2 hours of your time well spent.