VIDEO: Brian Haw – In his own words


By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

Brian Haw is an international symbol of peace. Since 2nd June 2001 Brian has been protesting in Parliament Square, London.

We present a rare look at Brian Haw, in his own words as he speaks about the criminal attacks on the innocent for profit including the world wide illegal wars, 9/11, his spirituality and his personal life before the 24/7 protest began.

Initially he was campaigning against the economic sanctions on Iraq and the bombing of the country by the US and UK. After 11 September 2001, he widened his focus, directing his messages of peace against the ‘war on terror’, the terror that the US and UK have inflicted on Afghanistan and Iraq. He protests on behalf of those innocent people who suffer and die in other countries, as our governments seek to further their own economic, military, political and strategic interests around the world.

Please support Brian (his campaign is dependant on our support and without it he cannot continue).

  • Brian -Thanks for what you’re doing!You’re a great man! I saw you for the first time across the street from Parliament about four or five years ago and gave you the thumbs up and waved. I never forgot you and told my friends here in America about you.You are an inspiration!

  • Great stuff brian ,the freeman issue is taking off globally, would enjoy us linking up a bit more quickly, but everything in its own time [eh?]

    Unsure if you are aware of rob menard ,and his vidio robs very cunning plan ,its been unwinding just a few weeks now [allready got over 500 members at the forum], posted a link to your vidio there ,a few moments ago ,so might get a few visiting soon

    Anyhow its happening ,and your relaxed style can only help make it happen better ,anyhow you got some good stuff here [so will be posting some links back here, no doudt[our british membership is the largest group , so far ,so we might need to link it together rather sooner than later.

    anyhow cheers ,slaves cant be freed [they must thirst for their freedom]